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One And Only Nitrifying Bacteria by DrTim's Aquatics

OMG Aquatics

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This is definitely a MUST HAVE for people with neocaridina tanks or tanks with pH over 7.


It is simply just amazing! I've tried many many bacteria products to speed up your cycle for neocaridinas and none and provided me with the results One And Only Nitrifying Bacteria by DrTim's Aquatics did. 


I have 3 fish tanks all experiencing ammonia and nitrites due to overfeeding baby brine shrimps most likely. Dosed One And Only Nitrifying Bacteria by DrTim's Aquatics and the issue was resolved in 2 days. Ammonia was roughly 0.5 - 1.0 ppm and Nitrite was roughly 1.0-2.0ppm. No water changes were done as I wanted to see the results myself as this bacteria is quite expensive compared to others.


I highly recommend purchasing them from http://www.drsfostersmith.com/ as they are obviously packed and stored with care. It is shipped with cold packs. Many live bacteria products are just stored in room temperature and shipped without cold packs.


I still believe Seachem Stability is best for caridina tanks since One and Only only works best in pH above 7.


Will be stocking up a lot of these on the next sales!



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