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Antibiotic Dosage for shrimp tanks?

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The antibiotics I am talking about are Tetracycline and it's common derivatives, Oxytetracycline and it's even more effective member, Minocycline (found in Mardel Maracyn 2). For treating internal bacterial infections.


Is it recommended to administer the full directed dosage, or just half dose for shrimp tanks?


Since it's antibiotics, I assume you should use full dosage in order to properly kill the bacteria and not allow them to develop an immunity to the drug.


Can anyone comment on just how well their shrimp tolerated the meds?

If the meds did seem to negative impact the shrimp a bit (maybe even some dying), is it safe to dose the full day's treatment amount, but in halves? (example, normal dosage is 1 gram every 24 hours, could you do 1/2 (.5) a gram every 12 hours and still have the med be effective?)


I'm thinking it's best to dose as directed on the label in order for the med to properly work to it's full potential.


Anyone know if Sulfa antibiotics are safe for inverts?

What are some name brands for Tetracycline and Oxytetracycline meds?


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People say 75%, but I have had no problem with full dose. I've only used the API brand "t.c." tetracycline from petsmart and treated with Dr. Tim's Eco-Balance, which basically is a probiotic.

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Oh and melafix! But like 75% dose. And a full length round (as directed) for all of them.

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