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Dropped eggs.... Again ?

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big red is gonna get spanked I tell ya.

am getting slightly frustrated.. As you know I am a noob.. 

Well I got 4 shrimp from a shop near me and another 10 from someone advertising online..

well I only ended up with 1 female outta the first four..and her colour is a lot darker compared to my online bought ones which are prob lowest grade there is.. 

Anyway today I got up to big red being berried for the third time ? Figured I would keep a close eye on her...

then I got a glass tumbler finally arrive from China today...so figured either way it's all good for me... 


Well about an hour ago the tell tale signs that she wasn't gonna keep them started.. Wish I had got pics.. Anyway long story short she deposited them all over my filter... It's the third time that she has dropped her eggs in my tank now (and since I only have one of her colour it's a very depressing event). So that makes 5 lots of eggs that have been randomly thrown around my tank now.. With 2 females due to berry in a day or so it's beginning to get to me...


To try to salvage the situation i figured I have just got the glass tumbler I may as well give it a go..

so after sucking the eggs out with a turkey baster I got to work..first I placed them into the tumbler.. But it seemed to have trouble moving them all while stuck together.. So I went about separating them (NOT an easy task) but anyway like 20mins later I had as many as I managed to separate back in the tumbler.. Now they are all just sitting around the edge not doing anything.. Not tumbling or anything.. I assume it's because the insert things only have holes in the centre that there is a not flow or dead zone at the edges.. I have a picture..when I figure out how to upload them on here ?


Anyway I think I am gonna give up on these eggs and work on making a tumbler that actually tumbles..


any advise on getting them through more than 1 day berried would be appreciated.. I think my tank stats are in a diff one of my posts somewhere.




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Hmmm... Well that's another lot dropped.. Dunno if she has dropped them all or not but there is a big "bunch" on the back of the Indian almond leaf that's in there ?


Not sure exactly what to do.. They are active..eating fine and shedding well, becoming berried pretty frequently.. But they are just not keeping the eggs..



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These are from my other post so are a week or so old..

i did a water change yesterday so may be a little diff but not much..


i just tested.. But we're strip test so take with a pinch of salt..lol

nitrate is 20 ish (but also says that on tap water.. So think it's wrong)

nitrite 0-0.5

ph 7.5-8

kh 120-180

gh 180 (maybe more)

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On 5/14/2016 at 5:30 PM, Matt9892 said:


nitrate is 20 ish (but also says that on tap water.. So think it's wrong)



Its possible your tap just contains nitrate.     Try testing a bottle of distilled water from the store.


Id also consider picking up a liquid test kit.  Your strip doesn't have ammonia, which is pretty important to know.  As you said yourself.. the strips just aren't as accurate.

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Yeah there is nitrates in water.. But by law they are not allowed to be anywhere near 20..

so assuming I am not being poisoned then the tap water cannot physically be that high.


i think I may have a liquid ammonia test.. I will have to check but I do believe that I was given one with a fish tank a while ago.. Couldn't tell you how old it is though..



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Okay according to my liquid ammonia test its 0-0.25 so could maybe could use a water change.. But is still easily within decent parameters.. So dunno i think they do it just to annoy me..




have added a photo of glass tumbler doing nothing...lol

i have since made a tumbler or two and will take pics ect later... Just need more shrimp eggs to test on.


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