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Petri dishes as shrimp feeding bowls

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If anyone happens to be looking for a cheap source of shallow glass shrimp feeding dishes...




2 for 4.99 (lid and base can be used) free prime shipping or if youre one of those people with a million shrimp tanks... you can get 5 packs for about $15 which gives you 10 dishes,

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8 hours ago, Kikojaharo said:

That's what I've been using; you can usually get a deal on some Pyrex ones on eBay too



I would be a little wary of buying them off ebay, because I don't know what they might have previously been used for.

I suppose you could just search only for "new" items though.

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I have a lot of tanks and have been using 4/$1 glass sauce dishes from the The Dollar Tree.  Some folks use these same cheap dishes for mass producing/feeding the Repashy foods.  I like the look of the petri dishes.  Is there a performance difference or is it just looks?





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