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Spotting shrimplets

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So stared a TB tank a month and a half ago and I had my first(and only) berried shrimp on April 14th. A few days ago which would put it at 30 days I noticed the eggs were gone so hopefully that means they all hatched. Now I have been searching the tank when I can to try and spot any babies and so far I've seen zero. The tank has okho stones, cholla and some moss so there are plenty of hiding spots. But my concern is shouldn't I of seen one by now or am I being hasty in assuming zero survived somehow. Is there a grace period like a week before they might explore. Anyone have any tricks on luring them out?

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Sometimes the babies can really hide.  It can be embarrassing how large the babies can be when you finally find them...  Currently, I am in a situation where I can spend time looking several times a day.  Still the babies go unseen even with glasses and a magnifying glass.  Hang in there. 





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