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Getting alittle down now ? (And afew more questions)


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Okay I don't know if you have been following my progress into the world of shrimp... But well it could be going better...lol


It started with being unable to source stuff for my hmf filter setup.. And well now I am having trouble getting them breeding really as well as other annoying things..


okay well my female "big red" dropped her eggs AGAIN this must be like the 4th time.. I was ready so put the. Into my tumbler (which has already hatched 108+ pleco eggs so proven to work.. But now a lot of the eggs seem to be going a white colour and floating in the tumbler more (been like 2 days in there) to my understanding they are going bad.. So will probably not do anything... So that's one stress..


before you you ask I did post my water stats on here before cant remember what they were off the top of my head... But they are all within reasonable lvls... Not 100% but are easily good.


And now my tank has became infested with annoying little water fleas.. In a normal tank fish would eat.. But they are looking very unsightly I keep sucking them out but they r breeding faster than I can remove them. I can't find anything on getting rid of them other than dropping a fish in there....


Also if you guys could give my your on/off of your lights that would be appreciated.. I did read somewhere before the best on/off to reduce algae ect in your tank (although am not fussed about algae) I figure if I can reduce the amount of algae it could help with my flea problem..lol but I can't remember for the life of me where I read it.. So your input on lights and when you turn yours off and on.. I think it said something about 4hrs then off for an hour then back on for the last 4 but am not 100% it was something to do with algae needing more sustained light..whereas  plants will kinda take what they can get...I think....


have had afew die on me... But not like all the time.. So I figure it's a normal thing...


The only thing I can think is that I need to rearrange my tank and add a big thing to cover more of the tank (was waiting for mosses to establish) my tank does look abit bare compared to most people's.. But I dunno as I said I am getting abit depressed with it all atm... Everything I try doesn't seem to work..


I am gonna try to end on a good note.. And say that I am REALLY happy with my hmf filter, my water I remove is always clean and my stats don't seem to change.. So would recommend that to anyone..


Thanks for letting my vent abit ?


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I'm sorry you feel down... sometimes we all need  hug;-)

I don't know why your shrimp drops the eggs but I think if you let the fleas breed ang go through their cycle of life you will see less of them. I've heard having them in your tank means your water is good. But I hated to see them in my tank too. But I couldn't catch them and somehow now a couple months later I only have a few of them.


I've never tried the on/off light cycle but I read about it too. It should help you with algae but I'm not sure if fleas and algae are conected.

And it's good to hear that your filter works! Good job!


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I had the same problem with egg dropping until about a month ago. Once I started using RO water with shrimp mineral, stopped dosing supplements for the plants, switched to a sponge filter and added some more hiding spots, it stopped. As for the algae, do you have any snails in the tank? My zebra snail seems to clean up algae on the glass pretty well without disturbing the shrimp. Also try a floating Java moss ball. It starts out pretty small but the moss will start growing like crazy soon and the shrimp love hanging out on it. 

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If your params are good and everything else seems in order, the water fleas are fine, but yes, kinda ugly. Seems to me "big red" is getting stressed out and dropping. +1 for more hiding places.

As for the algae, are you running co2? If so, start co2 1 hr before lights on and shut off 1 hr before lights out on a ~8hr period. But it also depends on your light. You could try raising it a few inches if possible or add a diffuser (window screen) on the light to reduce your PAR.

Also, you could do a black out for a couple days. That actually might make the shrimp less stressed too and it works almost every time on every kind of algae.

I recently read the product Chemiclean does wonders and is invert safe, but I like to avoid chems.

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