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Is this a Sakura or Painted Fire Red Cherry?

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This will be extremely subjective, as it is all about preference and opinion. In my personal opinion I would say Sakura or Fire Red as it is only partially opaque from the picture. PFR are very opaque.

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Not a Painted Fire Red (especially since it's not a female being opaque enough), but I would say that would be considered Fire Red grade....but, there's a chance it might be a Bloody Mary...


Hard to see in the pics (I think it looks short), but if the rostrum is short, I would say it's a Fire Red. If it's long, probably a Fire Red. I know the whole rostrum thing to distinguish between the two isn't very reliable, but I do find Bloody Marys more often have the short rostrum compared to RCS.


If it's a BM and you mix it with RCS, it may likely throw wilds.

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If you are able to inspect really closely Bloody Mary's are supposed to have a clear shell and red tissue.


Note that I have even seen some other RCS and other color Neos with short rostrums, and there was controversy that the rostrum difference between RCS and BM doesn't always hold true, so this shouldn't really be used as a sure-thing indicator. But from what I have seen, BM have the short rostrum more likely than the others. BM are selective bred from Chocolate Neos so if you find they produce any chocolates, or when crossed with RCS and you get wilds, it is very likely it's a BM.

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