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Male & Female?

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Hi can someone tell me if this is a male & female orange sakura shrimp.


I've tried to read up on it, & my understanding is that females are much more colourful & have a saddle, while males are mostly see-through & don't have a saddle. But the see-through shrimp in my tank seem to have saddles, while the colourful one doesn't???







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Agreed^^ maybe more of a profile shot. It's easiest to determine by body curvature, other than if a saddle is present for fems.

Is that a saddle on the right shrimp in the last picture? And if so, that is a female which makes sense cuz she's large, although they do usually tend to have brighter coloring. Exceptions exist.

Hopefully that male's tryna get at those berries. Hehe. If you saw them do a few second long wrestle followed by an abrupt release, you've likely witnessed fertilization and you would, in that case, have a m and f. But profile shots to be sure please. And specify which did you think is the male and which is the female.

Edit: the female might be an orange rili. So coloration for their females vs males is a little different.

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Although I must say in the third pic, the left shrimp does look to possibly have male body curvature as in the first pic. And the right shrimp looks saddled and definitive female body curvature. Not 100%, but if one is berried soon you'll know, they're definitely breeding age.

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Thanks for your replies. I'll try an take a better photo, if I see the shrimp in the open again. I've only got 3, the orange one & 2 clear ones & they prefer to graze upside down on my floating plants of sit deep down in the foliage of the other plants, so it was a miracle I got such a clear photo of them already :P 

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Yep, the bottom looks to be a saddled female. I couldn't tell from the first post if the darker one is female or male. My Taiwan Fire Red males are more brilliant than my females, so a good side shot would make things easier to tell besides color. On the other hand, I do like your setup. They have a very nicely planted home.


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