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Please help with CRS grading

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Hello SS,


I wanted to ask if some can give their input on these CRS grading.....not the best pics as I had to zoom in and taken with my phone.


Some say that CRS SSS grade have no red before their tail, and some say that they can have a little red just before their tail.

I have 1 female that keeps giving me these


They are white midsection but a small amount of red just above the tail


What are your thoughts?


photo 1.JPG


The 3 in the centre and 1 top left


photo 2-4.JPG



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grading is a few parts 

1. pattern

2. color intensity (white/red/etc)

you can add in

3. how clean the lines are

4. shell coverage of the color.


The 2nd chart will help you start to identify the pattern grades.






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I believe most of the time SS has a hinomaru or some kind of middle pigment that isn't a stripe, so tail the tail stripe can still be SSS. Since it has really great coverage/pigmentation, I believe you have SSS Mosura (well done!), but like Eric said, grading has multiple parts so different people grade differently. Personally, I call that pattern Mosura with "eyes" or "eyeholes" but idk what the technical term is... Lol.

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