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Pogostemon helferi dying off one by one


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Like the title says, my pogostemon helferi is dying off one by one starting from the right and now working on to the left, so far 6 out of 11 have died off and the single one on the right is fine. The other ones are healthy and green. All other plants are fine and my temp is at 30. One dies every week or so. Anyone experienced such things before? Its like they are slowly picked off one by one and nothing is there to bother them (eat them). Could it be that my PSB bacteria is eating them?

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As JEM_XXIII has mentioned it likes CO2, it also likes a nutrient rich substrate, ferts especially micro nutrients in the water column and needs fairly strong light to maintain compact growth.

It is a very beautiful plant but because of its requirements above can be a challenge in a shrimp tank.

My guess in your situation is that the plants are using up the available nutrients, then slowly dying off.  Your substrate is providing enough short term but not enough to keep the plant healthy long term.

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Update: The other 5 are now doing fine but the symptom has passed to another plant  Alternanthera reineckii  (rosaefolia) to the left of the tank and overnight 70% of the plant are dying from root to the top. The top 30% looks fine (very healthy) and the other looks melted. Just before I slept it looks healthy and fine. I'm using T5 lighting with a green (healthy) indication for my co2. Substrate is ADA amazonia.

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Curious. Sounds like something might be affecting the roots, which would diminish the plant's ability to absorb nutrients from the substrate. My Pogostemon helferi died similarly until I switched to higher lighting. How big is your tank, and what are the dimensions of it and your light fixture?


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