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Hello all! 


As some of you might have read, I'm new to this forum, and have a genetic disaster going on in my 5g 'Blue Shrimp' tank. 


I've decided after learning a bit about shrimp genetics and with the help of some members here (Thanks!) to pretty much start from the beginning (if it's not already too late) and aim to breed BBBR.  Or even better, blue-shelled blue rili, I'm not sure if it means the same thing or how to write genetics yet.


I'm going to post pics of shrimp, and make my uneducated guess at which genes each shrimp might be carrying/expressing.  For you who are genetic pros, feel completely free to make fun of me or whatever, I'm just wanting to learn as I go! 

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First pic


I think the shrimp on the bottom is carbon rili,  and the higher shrimp, I think it's blue velvet.


I hope the pics are good enough to make a decent attempt at ID-ing!


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And one more to get the thread going.....


We'll call this shrimp:  'Shrimp C'

I'm guessing it's blue dream/carbon rili


The first two pics are from the top of the aquarium, the last two don't do the shrimp any justice to display body/shell colour and the pics are taken through tank glass.


Btw, these 4 pics are of the same shrimp






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