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Sorry if I am late to the table here, but I heard that Glasgarten is no longer exporting to the US or Canada because of the the strict product liability into the the US. Can any retailers confirm this? If this is true I want to start looking into some other food for my shrimp. 



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Not too sure what the GlasGarten situation is currently, but as for other foods I have been a big fan of CSF. I was introduced to CSF here on TSS and my shrimp have really enjoyed it. Now, I do not have any expensive shrimps, but my shrimps instantly attack all CSF food that I put in the tank as opposed to how they react to other foods from other companies.

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This is the first i heard of this - do you have a source or more details? Can't see what type of liability there would be with shrimp food though... and if there is some sort of liability issue, I would imagine it would affect other imported shrimp food as well.


I will check with my GlasGarten rep and report and what he says

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