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I have.... a ton..... of water lettuce. My dad loves plants and I don't know why we haven't been selling them all these years but I'm selling them really cheap for pick up only because I'm not confident with shipping :( I live in SoCal in Westminster. Two Sizes available


Big water lettuce around 5in+ inches wide $1 for 1 


baby water lettuce around 1-2inches wide $1 for 5


Will of course give extra baby water lettuces if you buy some (mostly trying to get rid of a lot) 


Giant grown by me Part sun/shade give it the beautiful emerald color :) 


Giant water lettuce grown in sun 13875130_1085682394858148_964154334_n.jpg


the rest are grown under my lotus plant or grown in all shade which kept their small size13936649_1085682348191486_727950367_n.jpg13874796_1085682338191487_1599733035_n.jpg13884604_1085682308191490_2082134506_n.jpg


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5 hours ago, Razzy said:

I live in garden grove, do you still have any available ?

Yes! I have sooooooo much

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