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getting a new planted tank going for a friend's holiday present. 29g tank, looking grow mod to high light plants, will be using CO2. what light do you like? why?

local store recommended current satilite plus led fixture

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I have a Current Satellite + over a 55 gallon which has low/med light plants in it and it does great.  I love the sleek look.


I have a finnex planted+ 24/7 over a 20 gallon long which had med light plants and it did great.  I have since rescaped that tank with Chinese seeds that have grown into little carpet like plants.  It has only been 3 weeks and looks great, but further reading suggests that these plants may not be aquatic and will die off after ~3-4 months.  We will see I guess.


At work I have a beamswork over a 40 gallon long full of low/med light plants and have to trim every couple of weeks.


link to each light listed above:






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I'm using the finnex 24/7 to grow plants and its pretty good. I bought it last year around this time, but you may want to wait a bit as they are upgrading the finnex 24/7 to fix the problems the current one has, it should be out by next year. Also I heard the Sting Ray lights were good as the 24/7 and them are often compared.

The video shows a display of the new finnex lights which they showed at the Chicago aquatic experience of this year I think. 


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