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So here it is!


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I have completely overlooked this subforum.  I have been enjoying the rest of this forum so much that I did not even see this Introduction section for the past 3 weeks or so.  Lol  better late than never I guess.


I am Nick, hailing from north Tx.  McKinney, a suburb of Dallas to be specific. I have been an aquarium keeper my whole life as my parents were always into keeping fish.  As a serious hobby though, I have been in it for ~17-18 years.  I have kept all kinds of fish, but tend to stay most consistently with the Apistogramma species.  Some of my most fun adventures were breeding Apistogramma Cacatuoides, cherry shrimp, and marmorkreb Crayfish (not sure to call this one breeding).  Not that the last 2 needed any persuasion from me lol.  I used to sell on aquabid all of my extras that my local fish group did not claim.


I used to have a full fishroom with racks of tanks on every wall.  I ended up moving from that house and not having a fish room at the next house.  I still kept multiple tanks though.  Now I have about half of an extra room that I would like to build a rack or 2.  One of those racks would be dedicated to keeping shrimp.  My history was with neo's and thats probably what I will start with again.  Maybe down the road some caridinas. 


anyway thanks for reading this really long post

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