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SOLD FS: Anubias Nana

Soothing Shrimp

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Tearing down a 20g tall tank and have two well established Anubias Nana to sell off.


anubias tank.jpg





Small one is 7" tall


anubias small.jpg





Large is 9" tall.


anubias large.jpg




-Both are attached to an individual inert small rock. (Not lava.) 


-Their rhizome is vertical. 


-The plethora of roots you see on either, makes them a bit unusual and turned out to be great for baby shrimp to wander in and out.  (The many roots were from another experiment I did a while back.)  You can see in the pic (if you look closely) adult blue carbons gathered in front.


close up of large.jpg



$25 price tag for both plants as a group.


$19.95 for both.


Your choice of USPS shipping in the continental US.


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