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Changing TDS without modifying GH

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I am remineralising with salty shrimp GH and I am having a problem getting my TDS high enough.

It's currently sitting at 98, and my GH is 5. The tank will be for cardinia shrimp, so am wanting a TDS of about 120-150.

Is there a way to increase TDS without affecting my GH?

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I use Salty Shrimp and target GH 5-6, equating to a TDS between 100-120.  For SS GH+ each 1 degree of GH should equal about 19-20 TDS if I recall correctly.


A lot of experienced Caridina breeders prefer a GH range of 3-4, will TDS of 100 and below.  I use Salty Shrimp and remineralize in 5 gallon containers, and use the recommended dosing........I don't have an easy way to accurately get to 3-4/100, or else I would myself.  


If your shrimp are doing well at GH 5, TDS 100 - you are right in the sweet spot and I wouldn't change a thing.  I definitely wouldn't fiddle with using TDS up.


If you are curious as I was why the veterans were targeting GH 3-4, I believe the belief was that it led to increased baby survival rates.


Liquid remineralizers would simplify this process, but my 1000g GH+ has lasted me over 2 years and probably has another 2 to go, so I won't get to experiment with liquids for a bit.

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I think I'm having issues with the GH being too high at the moment, I have just been remineralising to a target TDS of 130 ish, but have been slowly loosing shrimp the GH is 8.

I have reset a tank that had some issues and now it's got the GH of 5 and TDS of 100 and was about to move the shrimp back, but had heard elsewhere that a TDS of 100 was too low so was concerned that I'd just make things worse!

At this stage I only have 3 left so will probably give it a go anyway as they do seem to be slowly dying off at the current parameters.

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