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Running out of space build another rack sale! 

10 extreme king kongs(some of these were green hulks as juvis) $190 shipped 

12 TGOE prl $100 shipped 

12 michilings $50 shipped 

12 yellow king kongs $60 shipped

12 red pandas $110 shipped

12 Blue bolts from my compition colony  $180 shipped 

10 blue dreams $60 shipped 

12 fire red cherrys  $40 shipped 

12 Orange Sunkist  $40 shipped

12 blue bolt culls $110 shipped

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*Really* shouldn't be buying more shrimp right now, but...  Could I get a smaller quantity?  Say five of the yellow KK?


The last little guys I got from you continue to kick the asses of my commercially-bred shrimp. ;)

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A grade is 50% blue or more and s grade is %75 Blue or more I sell unsexed juvies so they will color up even more as they grow up

Are these all competition colony pics, or are there pics from cull tank as well? Trying to see the difference between the two, thanks!

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On 1/15/2017 at 9:41 AM, TheGardenofEder said:

I don't have a cull tank culls are in those pictures.


Got it, thanks! Just to make sure I am on same page, when you say competition colony, are you referring to S+ grade? How much for a package of 10 of the highest grade BB?

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Hi, really love your shrimps and keep up the good work, What packages do you still have left? And for your mischlings, i'd like to know their parents genetics lineage if you don't mind telling. Tyvm :)

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Blue dreams $6
BKK panda $8
OEBT x CBS Tibee  $8
S- Grade Blue Bolt $15
A- Grade Blue Bolt $10
Painted Fire Red Cherry $4
Green Jade $6
PRL $12
Black Zebra Pinto $ 25
Tangerine Tiger $4
CRS $4
Michilings  $4
Blue Velvet  $4
Yellow 24k Golden back  $4
Red Rili $3
Orange Rili $6 
Bloody Mary $6
Red Panda $12 
Red Ruby Wine $17
Tangtai $6
Black Rose $7




And for michiling I have like 4 tanks going with them, I have red wine michilings, then I have some muts that have green hulk blue jelly bkk shadow panda bb all in their genes.

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