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Some one please help 


hi guys i just recently decided to embark on the journey to start my own crystal red and tai bee breeding system 


i started cycling a tank about 10 days ago and it was completely cycled 


so i added 5 cherry shrimp to test the waters so to speak 

all lived and are still living i do know the parameters aren't the same as keeping the cardinal species but the water is acidic and they seem to be doing fine 

there was a neon tetra in the tank and was removed 

tank set up 

  • 10 gallon shrimp king tank 
  • stock filter
  • stock light 
  • fluvial stratum soil 
  • temp.74f
  • ph 6.5
  • kh? waiting on test kit 
  • gh? waiting on test kit 
  • drift wood in tank 
  • matt of moss 


i feed once every other day. and today decided to test the water for everything and my ammonia is at 0.50 

nitrate 0 nitrite 0 

I'm fearing a recycling of the tank and don't want to put in my first order of crystals yet. 

What would you guys recommend i do i want to get the most effective set up possible to breed these shrimp 

Photo Dec 16, 6 43 52 PM.jpg

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i did use a micro bacteria solution for the start up and everything spike the proper way for one i was surprised but i expected there to be a problem.

thanks mech 

will the water changes stunt the cycling process, or is that my only option? 

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thank you mech means allot

as to the start of my future colony i hope to start with crystal red and i am completely oblivious as to how i should start and was wondering if you could give me any insights as to how many should i start out with and that sort of thing the only thing i do know is i want to breed ss+ or sss+ 


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