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Is kh needed for neocaridina?


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So I am about to start a oebt tank and wanted to add some neo's in the mix but I haven't kept a colony of neos for a long time and I wonder if kh is needed for those guys?


The parameters I will be aiming for is pH 6.8-7.2, gh 6-7, and kh most likely 0.

The question being will these params be acceptable for neo's ? I admit i don't want do add kh just beacuse i'm lazy and already have tons of gh+ mineralizers. 


How soft and acidic the water for neo's can get for them to still breed in your experience? 

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If you have zero kh you need to have a buffering soil that will act as a buffer. You will be a little below 7 in most cases.

Kh and ph are sorta joined , ph is always there but kh acts as a stabilizer , so no kh and your ph is easily pulled up or down depending what's in the water. If you don't use a soil or another buffer your ph will drift up and down and that's extremely stressful and will cause bacterial infection by stress and death


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I know that is the theory but I hve two tanks with kh 0, no buffering substrate and pH is stable within the range i want it to be. so at least based on that experience i can't see a reason to add kh.

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Ive played that 0kh game before with neos and tigers and lost. They were great for awhile until the ph started to swing and stressed the shrimp. Lost alot from the colony until i started running with 2kh instead. Colony is thriving again. I would advise against 0kh. I believe you can use baking soda to add kh if you are using ss gh+.

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