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which ph meter?

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I have bought those cheap yellow ph meters which are all over Amazon. They measure roughly ok without recalibration for quiet some time as long as I rinse the probe in ro water each time I use it. The other thing I need to do is soak it for a minute or two in ro water before measuring tank water to get a quick and accurate measurement. I do use two of these to compare results.


Other than this obviously the Hanna ph meters are very good, but these are professional devices and are very expensive. 


Never heard anything about devices in the in-between price range. There are some two-point calibration meters with decent prices, and in theory they should be better than these cheap yellow ones. But never used one or read anything how good or bad are they.

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12 hours ago, Shrimple minded said:

I use American Marine Pinpoint pH monitoring, consider it very reliable.

 I use the same pH monitor, much better than any meter I have used thus far. I got mine originally from Premium Aquatics.

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I have a Milwaukee ph probe . Worked great for several months than the probe goes bad a new replacement isn't cheap around $60-$70 . Therefore I wouldn't recommend that one. This one you leave in the tank  as well (model - SMS 120 )

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As far as pens go Oakton pH 30 is a very stable 3 point calibrated battery powered unit with AutoTempCompensation that measures to the hundreth. Double junction probe too. The King of pens IMO and experience thus far

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