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Tapatalk Updated

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I just updated Tapatalk to the most current version.  Let me know if you are having any issues and I will see what I can do to help.

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I also added the API key so you should be able to get push notifications and such if you weren't previously able to. 

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Ok I officially hate the newest version of tapatalk for the android phone. Can't see all unread posts. If you mark all as read you have to refresh. Interface is very clunky. Don't update unless you backup the one version first. I just reverted to the old version.

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I updated and hate it how do I get the old one lol

Well, first you will need to locate version 4.95. Once you have the APK file. You may be able just automatically install it over the current version. However you may need root access and a side loader.

If you have a rooted phone and titanium backup you can just pull up the last version of tapatalk from your backup directory and apply. All done.

If your phone is not rooted or you don't wish to root it you may be out of luck. You will need to do some home work to find a work around.

Hope this help.

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Ya not rooted.

Oh ya I guess I'll live with it :(

Hey i did a little poking around and found the file for you. The procedure is Uninstaller tapatalk after down loading file.

Go to where you stored the file and launch it.

Here is the link.


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