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Critique my substrate swap plan

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I've never swapped a shrimpy substrate before, I'd appreciate any advice or feedback on my plan you guys would care to offer!


I only have one aquarium set up, a planted 12 gallon long with 9L of Amazonia from 2013.  The only livestock are 20 young PRL added last Monday.   Water parameters are good, RO and Salty Shrimp GH+, but the tank has lost its buffering capacity, the pH stabilizes around high 6 low 7s.


My plan:


8L SL-Aqua Nature Soil into pantyhose in a 5 gallon bucket with RO water and a powerhead, after 24 hours test ammonia, agitate the substrate and change the water, wait 24 hours, repeat until ammonia leaching is minimal.


Any idea how long this will take?  I'm hoping that it will be minimal, unlike aquasoil.


After the new soil is no longer leaching ammonia setup a temporary 3 gallon plastic Petco "pet keeper" filled with tank water from the 12 gallon. Filtration will be a topfin 10 hang on the back filter that's currently running on the main tank with a purigen pouch inside it.


Net the shrimp and put them straight into the temporary tank


Remove the hardscape, plants, discard most of the aquasoil while saving as much water as I can.  I plan on re-using about 1L of the old substrate which I will rinse and add to the tank as a base layer to both build up and seed the new substrate with bacteria.


New substrate in, hardscape and plants.  Let the tank run 24 hours, test the water and if it's good prepare to re-add the shrimp.  In the case that the tank water pH has lowered significantly I would drip acclimate the shrimp before adding them.


What do you guys think?  I'm mostly trying to minimize the stress / impact on the shrimp. 


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well to start with SL soil has little to no ammonia. so not sure how that changes your plan.

I'd be more worried about crushing the grains packing them into a stocking. 


using old soil as seeding material, you are rinsing it that totally defeats the purpose.  better to scoop out all the amazonia and use a couple spoon full of the old soil mixed in with new. less is more. if you want to go the route. 


better solution would be to start another tank with the new soil.

or if thats not possible. move the shrimp and plants into a temporary tank while you replace the soil.


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