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Tank setup questions

Playa Shrimp

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Hi, I am new to the forum and to the hobby.


I have just setup a new 10 gallon tank and all I have so far is:

- ADA Amazonia Light Substrate

- A little bit of Dwarf Baby Tears

- CO2 with about one bubble every 2 seconds

- My filter is an Aquaclear 30 with Plurigen and Seachem Matrix media.

- Tap water treated with Seachem Prime

- I have also dropped some API Quick Start in the first day


It's only the second day of my fishless cycle, so I don't have too much history on it yet, but my PH is at 6.0 (Maybe lower since 6.0 is the minimum I can see in my test)

I am also going to add drift wood as decoration, which i hear lowers PH even more.


I will have CRS shrimp in the tank at some point when the numbers are good.


Does anyone have experience and tips for me?

Will the PH likely go higher after the cycle is complete?

How often should I do water changes during the cycle, and how much water?


Thank you.


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Welcome Playa Shrimp.  Check out the websites of our sponsors as they support this forum financially and carry several different brands of remineralizer's for different needs.  They will also help with any questions you might have too. 


  What is the PH of your tap as a reference point?  I only use inert substrate so can't help with water changes for soil substrate but I do remember from other conversations that it was frequent.  Check out Garden of Eder as he has been doing tank setups from start to finish on this forum.  And utilize the search bar at the top of the page as I have.,,,, Mike

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