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Wheres my shrimp??


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I'm new - 


When shrimp die, what happens?  Do they float, turn to debris, kinda vanish?  


I bought 5 shrimp a few weeks ago.  I've seen two at once today-so I got at least two.  I have a 5 gallon tank with hiding spots, but I look pretty close.  I guess they could be really hidden, kind of like my cat can crawl under my couch somehow.  At the same time, I don't see any floating shrimp.  


One note- about two weeks ago, I was only seeing two or three at a time, imported a new piece of wood into the tank and seen all 5 all of a sudden.



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If you have plants, rock decor, wood then your shrimp can be hiding in a number of places. If you have snails then your snails can be consuming the dead shrimp. Other shrimp will also eat dead shrimp but that depends on how hungry they are. 


When shrimp die they fall to the ground or get stuck in plants or whatever they were standing on at the time. Also, they can decompose quickly (at least from what I've seen in my tanks) so if you don't check your tanks regularly then you may miss that process. 

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