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What is your favorite regimine?


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Hi all. I havnt logged into the site for a long time. Life got super busy.  I still have 4 tanks where the shrimp are living but not necessarily excelling.   Now that I have the bug again, I thought it would be fun to hear everyones favorite  or most successful regimines. 


By that I mean, feeding, what types of food,  what types of supplements,  how often,    ect.      These 4 tanks are all about 2 years old so they are well seasoned


I still have all the popular products sitting around.  Shrimp daddy system , Recovers  MK supplements,  the beta glucan,  the bt 9,  sea mud,  MK blue and MK Mud.    I am sure I am forgetting some.   I can't decide which things I want to use!      


2 tanks are staying as is.    One is a tank with mostly mischlings and a few TB... most of the TB died off or just reverted back to mischlings over time.  The other tank has blue dreams.   I am going to add some type of tiger with them.      The other 2 tanks are going to be  redone.  One high ph, one  low.   


 GO!!!!     Tell me your favorites!


Hopefully all my old friends are still around.  Mayphly, Shrimpscales,  Soothing,  Han.   (Han I see lots of neat new stuff on your site!)

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Hi Jadenlea.  I too have let life interfere with my living the dream!  I have learned to utilize natural leaf material as the main foods for my shrimp.  Weed and tree leaves provide plenty of variety and lots of minerals and nutrients.  I use broad and narrow leaf plantain, amaranth leaves, mulberry, nettle, kale and other garden veggies.  Most can be wild collected or grown easily.   I supplement with SK mineral and protein, CSF baby pro, and BW frenzy.  Works well for me with my Neos,,,,Mike

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Welcome Back! 


Monday- MK Breed Black/Red DIamond

Tuesday- SL-Aqua Magic Powder

Wednesday- Lowkeys Spiral or Nishiki Ebi Protein

Thursday- SL-Aqua Magic Powder

Friday- MK Breed- White Crystal or CSF Pure Mineral

Saturday/Sunday- Snowflake or Nothing.


Hope that helps you as well as others that may have the same question.


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Just read the cycling method with it.  Interesting.  Seems like less work but much longer time period then using Dr Tims and preseeded filters.


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I mix it up as to which days, but my main go-to's in order are:


SL_Aqua Magic Powder

Borneo Wild Stout

GlasGarten Bacter AE

GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner (I crush it into powder & smaller pieces)


Lowkeys Double Speed


...then any number of pelleted and pad samples I have on hand at the time. I use powder often and then solid pellets & pad types something like every other day..


I also use SkyFish M2 Microbe and for remineralizer I use Lowkeys GH+

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