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Evo's Ebi's- PRL


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So after asking a bunch of people (h4n, speedie408 and other members from various forums) and probably annoying them (lol) I decided to try first actual attempt at Aquasoil Amazonia...I had a bad experience with the actual first time using it since some shrimp I picked up had bacterial infections that wiped everyone out and I stopped using the soil and tossed it, cleaned out the tank and the filter I was using and decided to re-set it using the knowledge I gained through the advice given to me! So here are some pictures showing the progress from the beginning to what it now looks like:












Tank specs:


Mr. Aqua 7.5 gallon cube

AquaClear 20 with original sponge and bio media as well as Purigen

Sponge filter


Light: WavePoint 3w 10k clip light fixture


Shrimp: PRL that contain the following lineages...Nishiki, Hakata, Taiwan Elegant Lady, Crimson, Benibachi, Xin, Feather, and Ebiten


Moss: Mini Fissidens everywhere!

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Some pictures of the shrimpies








Now class, this is how you Nom nom nom


Stretching to show off them red legs!


and last but not least....Photobombed!
Funny how it really looks like the bombing PRL is looking at the camera

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Lights turned on and first thing i spotted was a berried PRL!!!! So happy!!! This is my first berried since I've moved all my PRL over from Eco-Complete. Two were berried while in Eco-Complete but they kicked the babies so I'm really hoping this PRL keeps her clutch!! Lights JUST turned on so she's not completely colored up





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Came home after work to work on the other tanks and once I finished with them took some time to look at these guys and look what I found!!!





Two more berried mamas!!!! WHOO ^^


And here is another pic of the first berried mama eating



Super happy hehe

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