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Flow in RO filter has decreased

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I use an RO buddie filter with a DI cartridge. I've had it for about a year now with its original cartridges. I actually don't use it all that much. I produce less than 10 gallons of RO water per month at most.


I've noticed reduced water flow recently. It's taking a lot longer to fill up the containers while filtering than it used to.


So, I'm curious which cartridge should be the first one to start getting clogged and needing replacement. Would it be the sediment or carbon? Or should I just replace both?

My TDS out of the tap is about 150.



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Have you tested the output water?  I would imagine it may no longer be reading 0.


Around 6 months to a year I start checking my output, and change my filters and membranes when it is in the 5-10 ppm range.  I'm sure I could go longer, but I have other things to procrastinate about, so I try to keep this as a non-variable.

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Yes, it seems the output water gives me 3-4 TDS and that's after adding a tiny bit of Prime to it. I do that just in case of chloramines.  I don't actually know whether my town uses chloramines or not. I should probably check.


But that value seems okay.

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chloramines should be filtered out right? I actually use my waste line for my fish tank assuming these are gone after the 2nd stage.


Also, if the weather is cold it might affect your water coming into the house and will make your output less efficient. Also, getting a pump will increase the output. I need to do this on mine....

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