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Calceo's for sale


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$35 for a USA bred Calceo IMO is a really good deal. I wish I could get some but I don't have the money or the tank space. I've only seen a handful of breeders/importers selling them between $25-$40 each. Definitely an interesting and different pattern and coloration that could also be used in future crossbreeding projects. 


36 minutes ago, Snailer said:

Is that a copepod in your first picture and do you find them impacting shrimp survival rates in your tank at all?


beautiful shrimp by the way!


sorry to derail! 😀


Also interested to know this. I have a lot of scuds in my rcs tank. I take out the big ones every once and a while, but I can't tell if they're negatively impacting my shrimps. The tank is full of babies so I don't think I'd be able to remove the shrimp to take down and restart the tank. Very beautiful shrimp @Greenteam! Good luck with selling them.

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The scuds don't seem to impact my survival rate at all. I got them thru a plant order (my mistake for not washing the plants) and can't seem to get rid of them.


I would say I prefer not to have them but I need to full reset a tank if I want to get rid of the them.

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