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Malaysian trumpet snails?


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I had a few but the ramshorns and pond snails out competed them, so now i do not have any.

As that tank is getting set for L134 breeding snails are now undesirable (as they proved during discus breeding by eating all the eggs). So I am renting some clown loaches to be friends with the snails.

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I love em. I'm keeping ramshorn and MTS in my shrimp tanks and overall both are effective at helping to remove wastes and uneaten food. I've actually separated them so that I have only MTS in one tank and ramshorns in another to see how they'd affect the shrimp. I didn't notice any major differences, except that my ramshorn snails are much more food aggressive and will "block" the shrimp from getting to the food sometimes. MTS seem to be less aggressive and won't ball up around food like ramshorns do. Because of this, I think it's more likely for a tank to become overpopulated with ramshorns because they seem to actively search out the food more. I've found that the ramshorns reproduce and populate my tanks at a much faster rate than that of MTS, so I feel they can get out of hand faster.


MTS also dig into the substrate, which will help to prevent toxic gas pockets from forming in the soil. Ramshorns don't dig at all in my experience. Although, I do think that ramshorns are more appealing to look at in an aquarium than MTS. There's even blue and red ramshorns which I think look awesome. If you're just looking for functionality, you could go with either, but MTS seem to reproduce at a slower rate if not drastically overfed and have the added benefit of digging into the soil. On the other hand, if you think you tend to overfeed or you like to overfeed (I do to ensure my snails and shrimplets get enough solid food) ramshorns might be good because they'll most likely eat EVERYTHING. My MTS seem to eat their fill and sometimes leave food if the shrimps don't finish it. Hope this helps! Snails are essential imo to a healthy shrimp tank.

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