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Favorite vendors?

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17 minutes ago, TheShrimpBrothers. said:

Curious as to what your favorite vendors for shrimp are? Looking for neos mostly.



I highly recommend Flip Aquatics. I always go to them first and then start looking at other sellers if Flip Aquatics doesn't have what I'm looking for. They always do a 30 day quarantine for imported shrimps in which they treat the shrimp for diseases and parasites. The owner, Rob, also has a Youtube channel and he's completely transparent about the importing process and how the shrimp are doing, so you can see the actual shrimp that he's selling. I'd say that about 80%-90% of the knowledge I've learned about shrimp keeping/breeding was from his videos. He started as a fellow hobbyist who wanted to spread the hobby by providing healthy shrimp. I've never been disappointed in all the times I ordered from him and he always includes extras. I got Green Jades from him and I got 2 extra adults and about 10 extra babies. He genuinely wants his customers to succeed in keeping and breeding the shrimp he sends so he's always willing to share advice. Since you're interested in neos, he ALWAYS provides extras and he said any babies he catches he just includes in the order. 


If I'm looking for something a little more rare, I then go to Joe's Aqua. He has a pretty large selection of shrimp and he does an almost monthly pre order where he brings in the more rare and expensive shrimp. I'd also say his shrimp are the cheapest out of the sellers I've seen, but it comes at a cost. He's also an importer but it seems like he holds them for maybe a week or so and then ships them out again. But since you're more interested in neos this probably won't be too much of a problem as he's always stocked on neos. If you're looking to buy a lot for a pretty cheap price, I'd suggest him. You can immediately get a colony going in one order, but you might have to keep a closer eye on them. 


Other sellers I recommend are Buypetshrimp.com (only seller in which I've not lost a single shrimp since receiving them) and tgoe.com (also a member here on the forum). I didn't order that many shrimp from them so I don't know about them as much, but they appear to be good sellers as well. Hope this helps! 

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What neos are you looking for?  I have some available on my site theshrimptank.com.  I breed everything myself so my supply is more limited than the importers but the quality is better and you don't have to worry about parasites.


I have fire reds, cherry's and yellows posted now and have blue dreams and green jaded I need to post for sale.



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