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Freshwater Purple Zebra Shrimp

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Hi Everyone,


I have been looking for a third shrimp species that can come along with OEBT and Bloody Mary shrimps without interbreeding to either shrimps. Amano shrimp is now out of the list. I did a lot of research about these guys. Although hey won't interbreed, some people say they are aggressive and/or opportunistic to other shrimps while other says no. It is a 50/50 chance, and I don't want to take the risk with OEBT and Bloody Mary. Long Red Nose shrimp is also out of the list. Upon someone's advice, I check the parameters for these guys. They won't match up. I have "completely" given up to having a third shrimp species until I "accidentally" encounter this shrimp species.


Purple Zebra shrimp or Potamalpheops sp. From what I have gathered, they do prefer brackish water than freshwater. However, they will just do fine in freshwater. They are like Amano shrimp that produce young starting from larvae stage and must be in brackish water for 30 days. According to Flip Aquatics, they are very hardy shrimp. In addition, the water parameters they can live in seems to work with OEBT and Bloody Mary. Here's the water parameters from Flip Aquatics:


Ph: 6.9 to 7.8

Gh: 7 to 16

Kh 2 to 4

TDS: 180 to 300

Temp: 70 to 82


The only bummer is that they won't reproduce along with OEBT and Bloody Mary. But I can make this as a project - reproduce the larvae in brackish water. Now, I am thinking. I want to get these guys and have them along with OEBT and Bloody Mary. However, if they are not ideal for some reasons, I will not get them and completely abandon the idea of a third shrimp species. I want everyone's advice and opinion about this. I will highly respect everyone and put your opinion/advice above mine since you guys have more experience than me. My apologies for being persistence. I hope that you somehow understand me - starting as a newbie in the hobby.


Thank you in advance.

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Actually, never mind. I won't be buying and getting these guys. I don't want to take chance on them. 


Thanks for reading. But please, still feel free to comment out.

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