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Making Fluval Flex 36 litre shrimp safe

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Hi, I have recently purchased a Fluval Flex 36 litre tank to have Red Cherry Shrimps in. When I bought it the sales guy said that the filters on this particular tank would be too big for the shrimps to pass through, particularly if the shrimps would breed, and the eggs could get hoovered up. They recommended inserting a folded up piece of sponge into the filter intake to stop anything small going through, which I have done (shown in the pictures). My only concern is this going to block the filters too much? Any advice would be brilliant thanks! 





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im having the same prob with a HOB filter just ab to go buy something diff

Hang on backs are easy.

Go out and buy one of these.



And slip it over the inlet, job done.


I modified my HOB to take 2 sponges as prefilter and shrimp screen, Using this method you dont need sponges in the HOB you can fill that space with ceramic media.



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