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Will consistency breeding Galaxy Pinto (Low) increase quality?

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I’ve purchased two dozen Black Galaxy Pintos which are Low Grade, if I keep breeding them together and culling the offspring will their quality increase over time?

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3 hours ago, ILikeAsianBooty said:

It will only increase overtime to a certain point. You need to introduce a higher grade to increase the overall quality and cull..


Why would that be the case? Those strains were also just developed by breeding and culling.
It would be much faster than redeveloping a line from low-grade but that's just because someone else did the work before-hand.

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Yeah, OP definitely has to start somewhere. Imho eventually the gene will plateau is where im trying to get at. In order to achieve an higher grade they would need to introduce a higher/new gene. I'm not sure if thats their goal, but yes overtime low can =med grades..high?? depends on their genes and selective culling.

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