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Hi Everyone,


At this point, my shrimp tank is fully cycled and ready. However, I decided to halt on purchasing any shrimps because I need to work on my water cooling system (will be sharing this some day next week). As I wait for shrimps and work on my project, I have a sudden thought: "how would I know that my tank has nothing that will induce health issue to shrimps?" The most common situation/thought is that new shrimps bring crap in a tank. But isn't it plausible that the tank can induce health issues to the new shrimps?


This thought started a new branches of ideas to do in my head prior to getting shrimp such as:

1.) Medication (salt, etc).

2.) UV sterilization

3.) Large water change


Any thoughts, suggestions, or opinions are greatly appreciated.




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Well the new shrimp can definitely bring things into the tank, its a matter of selecting healthy ones or quarantining the ones you get. There may be bacteria within your tank, but its doubtful as its newly set up, but the new tank and the stress may also cause the shrimp to be infected if they aren't sick due to stress. We cannot really know which method caused them to be sick, but if they do most likely its going to be from stress and the difference in water quality usually in TDS or pH. The choices you listed above could help with shrimp issues perhaps, but there isn't much understanding in the U.S regarding the types of infections that the shrimp have, so treating them with prophylactic medication depends on the disease and UV sterilization may not actually help depending on the disease. I learned from aquarium co ops recent video that there are at least 73 different  types of bacterial infections/ parasites shrimp may have and that the expert in all of this is in Germany. With that in mind, we do what we can to be successful, which is honestly keep a clean tank, do a small water change multiple times a month, or a large water change once a month, if you have a small stock and plants you might not even have to change water just top it off the choice is yours really. Everyone's method is different and with experience you'll find your own method as well.  

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