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Hydra and Planaria

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Hi Everyone,


Some of you know my problem with mosquito larvae. Now, I have discovered that my tank also have hydra and planaria. WOW!! (sarcastic). Keep in mind that I have no shrimp yet. I am a bit confuse on how I keep getting all these pests. I am guessing that I got hydra and planar from tap water. Well, I hope to not get them again in the future as I plan to use remineralized RO water without mixing tap.


I want to ask everyones help on getting rid of these pest. I want to let everyone know that I have chocolate rabbit snails in this tank currently. Recently, I discovered that one of my snails produced a young. This is great, but it made my situation more difficult. Next week, I will likely receive my shrimp, which makes me think of pushing it back until I fix my tank issues. Here's my plan:


1.) Remove my snails in the tank and put them in some container with new water.

2.) Dose my tank with something (I need advice on what to use and how to use it).

3.) Let the tank for at least two days or a week if possible.

4.) Flush the water from the tank completely and rinse the tank with new RO water at least two times.

5.) Run the tank with carbon in the canister for at least two days.

6.) Return my snails in the tank.

7.) Finally add shrimp in the tank 😃


This is really pissing the off to the point that I just want to smash my set up tank. I mean, I have everything set-up and ready. I even plan to get shrimp next week and take a day off from work. I am just piss off right now. 


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I purchased this the other day because I had found hydra in my tank. Between ordering and receiving I treated my tank with what little amount of Fenbenzadol I had left and once the “SL-AQUA Bio Protector Z1” had arrived I already successfully killed and removed all the Hydra.




I’m excited about using it just don’t know when that will be.



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I have eradicated all hydra (visually checked). Unfortunately, I was not able to eradicate planaria and mosquito larvae despite double dosing of Panacur C and few water changes. I saw two very small planaria and few small mosquito larvas. I never went to chemical route before and really did not want to go to the chemical route now for pest eradication. However, I had no option since I believe that these are persistent pest. Now, knowing that that they still exists, I have no option but to go to natural route. 


That being said, I plan to introduce Corydora Hastatus to my shrimp tank. After few research, I found that bottom feeders are the key to eradication of pest shrimp. I believe this also base on experience. I have a 75 gallon tank with 60% bottom feeder inhabitants. The tank has no pests of any kind whatsoever. I have Corydoras (Stebra, Bronze, Albino, Pygmaeus, and Habrosus). I also have other bottom feeders such as Kuhli loaches. On the top, I have tetras. I cannot imagine a single pest thriving, if not, existing in this tank. Well, the tank is also well maintain - weekly water change. 


Anyways, I know that any fish of any kind are threats to baby shrimps. Shrimps are below fishes in the food chain (though not always true in nature). Baby fishes are also in the bottom of the food chain. This is the reason why I am getting dwarf cories rather than the larger version. They will dig on the sand and scout mid-water for food. That being said, they are very ideal for eradication of hydra, planar, and mosquito larvae. They are also in-nature not opportunistic (will not hunt). Of course, this is entirely based on the fish personality. 


I will post an update later when I get hands and experience on the C. Hastatus in my shrimp tank. Thank you for everyone's advice. I know that my post is long, but I hope that this will help someone in the future.

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I want to give an update to this issue. So far, I have not seen back any of these pests in my tank. Thank you for all the advices.


I did a root cause analysis on why this happened. As I have mentioned, I did not have any shrimp at the time and only have snails. I learned that the snails and my idiocy caused the problem. Here is the story. As I was waiting for OEBT, I was tending my snails. I might have over feed them. In addition, since establishing my tank up to the point I notice the propagation of these pests, it has been more than a month without water change. That being said, Everything was s@@t dirty - the sponges were clogged as F@#$ed, the canister has full of junk, and the substrate was covered with slime and snail poop. And since the sponges were clogged, they slowed down the water flow making the mosquitos able to land on the water surface and lay eggs.


There you go. The pests did not magically popped out of nowhere. I caused them to propagate. Here are my learning lessons: feed the critters on timed-consumable basis (feed what they can finish ASAP) and do water change as often as needed. 

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On 6/2/2018 at 3:23 PM, ILikeAsianBooty said:

no planaria -> make sure tank is oxygenated -> 50% w/c -> dose again 2x 50%w/c -> tank not good for snails 6+m, havent confirmed that theory 


You need to run activated carbon in the tank for at least 3 weeks before its safe for snails.


I know this from personal experience.



Which can also be used to treat/dip new plants that you buy.

Yes it can be used as a dip to get rid of pest snails as well.




Please note dipping plants in no planaria could kill all the good snails in your tank.


Members when giving advice about products like this please be sure to mention the down side. Such as, it will kill Mystery snails Rams horns Nerites and even Malaysian Trumpet snails.

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