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New tank set up


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Starting a new venture. Always had a large tank with large fish! 

I want to do something different so its going to be a shrimp tank. 

This is my tank, its a 150 gallan tank. It has 3   AC 110's for filtration which is more than enough.

I'm looking for suggestions for plant types, substate planting. Anyting that will make this tank more shrimp friendly.

Dont be shy to comment. Its what 15317011304195609817534681331718.jpg.9c99de9b85d30fae9b8e99fb8d261184.jpgim looking for. Cheers

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some moss or fissiden would look nice on the wood. plants will grow well with osmocote...I wouldnt dose with ferts unless there shrimp friendly. also what lighting are you use? that may affect the plant selection.

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On 7/17/2018 at 2:13 AM, JMc said:

Well....im on city water so tap water is my preference as its the easiest. I will test and post results




Any updates on this project? I would try to lower the flow of the Aquaclears as they currently look abit too strong for the shrimp but other than that you should be good to go if youre keeping Neos :) 

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