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I have some really nice moss grown in low tech shrimp tanks, available for sale! 

(All portions are exactly as shown, except the NL -read description)


Fissidens SP Mini $18

1.5x1.5" Mesh


SP610 $18

1" Lava Rock


Fissidens Nobilis $15

on 1" Lava Rock


Fissidens Miroshaki $22

1.5" Rock


Notocyphus Lutescens $15

10 2" Strands or 1.5x1.5" Mesh Fresh tied


Cameroon $15

1.5x1.5" Mesh 


Mini Pellia aka Coral $12

1.5x1.5" Mesh


I can ship across USA & Canada. Please pm me to order, thank you!

USA $4 first Class mail

Canada PM me for a shipping quote






20180705_153705 (2).jpg


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191941 or 3rd from bottom with the spotted head pintos on the rock the moss is attached to

Also the mesh right above it im interested in both but dont know what they are for sure. The sp610 does it have a common name


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