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Orange Eye Blue Tigers and Royal Blue Tigers

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Hi all! I'm thinking about getting OEBTs or Royal OEBTs and can't decide between the two. There's things I like about both of them and I keep going back and forth between the two. Has anyone kept the two together? I know that the Royal OEBTs are derived from the OEBTs so there wouldn't be any risk of crossbreeding or anything like that, but does anyone know if the population might shift one way or the other? For example, would the offspring be more likely to look like OEBTs over time until I lose all of my Royal OEBTs? I could get a tank divider and divide the two types, but I'm thinking of buying some OEBTs and some Royal OEBTs to start the colony and separating them as the population gets larger to save money rather than separating them and having to buy more of each to ensure I get a good ratio of males and females. Also, it'd save more room in the tank because I'd get a matten filter divider if I were to divide the two shrimps and those dividers look to be at least 2 inch thick. Hope this all makes sense, but any input would be much appreciated. Also, I've kept and successfully bred Royal OEBTs in the past, but I lost my whole colony when I moved back home 😔 Thanks! 

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42 minutes ago, wyzazz said:

There isn't really aren't any Con's unless you want to keep the two separate.  You will get a mix of both in the tank (and even some blonde's) as time goes on.  

Sounds good. That's what I also thought but wanted to get opinions from those who have more experience with these shrimps. Thanks for your response!

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