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PRL not pure?

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Hi we have some pure red lines at work, however one of them has very very little red and the white has a lot of red pigmentation to it. Very similar to a red bolt. Were these not actually PRLs?


The picture doesn't show the red the best but the white parts of his body have a deep red hue.




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21 minutes ago, DiscoBee said:

what else is in that tank?  putting aside if it is prl/crs, it just looks like really bad quality more than anything.



Nothing except fire cherries. Im just worried it has taiwan bee genetics since we do sell S-SSS crystal reds that are very nice for 5$ cheaper per shrimp.


Edit: looks almost exactly like this red bolt I found online


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4 minutes ago, DiscoBee said:

transferred from another tank on plants or something? 

I do notice shrimp ending up in adjacent tanks since the lids do not cover the entire tanks. However this guy definitely came in with the PRLs. The only other red cardinas we have currently are normal CRS and red zebra pintos and both of them are a rack down.


Thank you for the help I think im just going to move it to the cardina cull tank and trust that we were sent true PRLs.

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