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BB Shrimp - Feed?


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Hi Shrimp Folks!



I just received 3 young Blue Bolt Shrimp and have placed them in a 5gal mature, heavily planted & low tech tank. The tank did house fish until yesterday, but currently no other shrimp and no fish in this tank. There is zero (visible) algae on plants or on tank walls and no (visible) dead/dying plants.



Considering this, do you think I should be feeding by adding shrimp food?



The tank does have 1 small piece of almond leaf & a few alder cones.




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I managed to keep them alive even with a higher pH. When I dropped em in there pH was about 7.8, now it's about 7.3 with the help of fluval stratum topdress.

I've been feeding a light mix of bacterAE, leafy greens, cucumber and once a tiny high protein pellet, and once a frozen bloodworm.

They went insane for the bloodworm and I think it triggered a molt, or made 'em horny, or both. Or maybe it was just coincidence, but soon after the bloodworm the female disappeared and came back berried.

Here is a pic.

I'm not sure if the color of the eggs mean anything, but the eggs are very red.


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