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Shrimp lady

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Hi all,

I am on a Well which is at around 300' above the valley floor below me. I am 320' at my elevation is according to Google Earth 320'.

My questions are;

P.H. out of the yard Hydrants is 8.0

In the house it's 8.3-8.4 P.H.<<<>>> G.H./ K.H. will need to be tested again as it's the end of the dry season here in the Pac N.W.....

Ohh I do wonder IF there is Phosphate's in this Well water too. Got lots of bearded, fuzzy algae in tanks as well...

This mobile is a 1975 model plumbed with old school PVC/pecks piping, the ONLY copper lines are from the T's under floors to each faucet (3)/bathtubs (2). The 4 outside water Hydrants are direct in-line plumbed with PVC & junction fittings 2 are plastic valves (U.G.) 2 are galvanized. Hmm is it the copper runs to the sinks/bath tubs??? Most water for fish/shrimps comes fro the kitchen sink.

NO issues using directly for Shrimp either with NO additives used for 9 years now....

Any advise will be appreciated here...

Thanks you guys/gals

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Yes as it takes time to fill  several 3.5 gallon buckets for top offs. KH is pretty low  @110 for  PH reading here. what are you using to harden it up some???

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If you don't have issues then you are probably fine continuing to do what you are doing.  I am on a well as well and I have some copper pipes but they haven't caused any issues.  I was using RO and Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ but I ended up switching my neos to my well water for now because I was having water issues with my well (not enough of it) and didn't want to waste all the water to make RO (I am changing 300 gallons or so a week if I stay ontop of it).


If you do want to buy Salty Shrimp GH+ or Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ (I recommend GH/KH+ for neos) I sell them on my website

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I'm on a well also and my Neos have loved it for years!  I just use RO for the caridinias...  I love not having to treat it.  I've never had any issues with mine, but I have heard of folks who have.   Ph out of the outside garden hose outlet is about 7.2 but 7.4 -7.6 from my tap.  It off gasses to around pH 8.0.  KH is 5.5 and GH is about 6.5.  What units is your KH measurement in?  If it's in ppm (mg/L) then that would be about 6.2 in gdh.  That's pretty close to mine...  I live in the NE.


I've never had any issues re water from the copper pipes. 


Is it the algae you're concerned about?  Perhaps you're getting algae from too many nutrients in the water from feeding or from it getting too much light?  Is the tank close to a window?  API makes a phosphate test kit....





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