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Hey everyone. Been into both salt water and Freshwater tanks for roughly 20 years. The first time I tried a CRS tank was about 8 years ago and was successful with breeding them though shorlty after took my tank down when I moved and just recently set one back up. Super excited about getting back into it, especially with the more varitations that have been bred. This time around I used a 20 gal innovative and is planted. After the cycle I put in a few deep blue bolt male, a few red galaxy pinto females, one steel blue female. So far I have few babies showing and the same females have eggs again. The only thing is I have used the pump that came with the tank and has been way too high of a flow so switched it out for a smaller/slower pump and the babies started coming out more. I know its not the ideal tank since it has the overflow slot for background filter but have sponge filter for the slots. Im now cycling another 6 gal for the ones ill keep. Ive read alot of info from  the shrimp spot and is nice to have. Here are some pics of setup and progress. Will take more when more babies. Water per. 76° ph 6-6.5 tds 100-140 reminerized RO water.






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