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Where do your culls go?

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You can have a cull tank if you wish for it so when you cull out juvies and later when they grow up and their color looks more to your liking you can always drop them back into the main tank! You can also add a breeder box (not breeder net) to the side of the tank if you plan on selling off culls later down the road, some people do use culls for fish foods and some do give them away as gifts to friends and some even do ROAK on the forums for shrimps! Another idea would be to see if the LFS would take your shrimp...you can maybe even work out a deal for store credit, become their shrimp supplier or just ask them to take them for free haha. =P

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I'm curious why you recommend a breeder box but not breeder net? you mean the external breeder box that hangs outside the tank?


Breeder net if you're selectively breeding the babies can actually get out of the netting (it's happened to me three times already!) and if you baby proof the breeder box the chances of them escaping are pretty much none since there's only one exit on the breeder box whereas the entire breeder net is an escape route.


Yeah I meant to say the external breeder box that hangs on the outside. I use the Marina breeder box size large for my tank and will be adding a few more.

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I see thats pretty cool. Funny how shrimp can be escape artists. How have you modified the marina box to shrimp proof it? Theres a guy on aquabid selling a custom marina box for $45 with stainless guards and a pump.

I think ill just make a cull tank and hide it in some room here in the house. Puddles how large is your new cull tank?

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