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Riddle me this....Spirogyra algae


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My shrimp tank has had this for months now and I've been manually removing it everyday. Exhausting to say the least.

But over the last few days looking in there it's gone. Utterly and completely gone. None anywhere

I have no changed anything. Feeding my usual schedule. A drop or two of ferts every few days. Lights on and off in 9am and before I go to work 4pm. Top offs, water changes daily and bi weekly. Fans always running.

So why did it just vanish

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I think my tds has alot to do with it.... I just checked it and it was boosted up to 265..... Slacking on my water changes guys no bueno.

be doing a waer change tomorrow again. Did one today and dropped it to 210. Do another tomorrow to drop it again. And then another on Monday. Then I'll do one right before I go to Hawaii to drop it to 135 because I know when I leave for a week it'll boost up to 200 for maybe 4 inch evaporate.

anyone have Spiro in thwre tank with a tds over 250?

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Nutrient levels got into whack and the plants got established you frequently get algal problems when you start dosing ferts within the first week of planting a tank and then if you are lucky as in your case it subsides once the plants take a hold.

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