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Neocardina sp which will not work interbreed with red cherry shrimp.


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My tank is slightly in the alkaline side 7.8 pH. gH between 7-8 and kH about 5-6. My red cherries are doing well. I understand my setup is not suitable for cardina sp, but are there other neocardina shrimp that I can add into this tank. I do not want interbreeding with red cherries. Please suggest.



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I have Orange Eye Royal Blue Tigers (OERBT) with my RCS. Orange Eye Blue (OEBT) and Black Tiger Orange Eye (BTOE) can also be kept with neos. I’ve never kept regular tigers, but I would assume they’d be fine with neos as well. However, I agree with Valek. Unfortunately, all neos will interbreed as they are the same genus, and usually same species, as RCS. I’ve also heard Tangerine Tigers are really hardy, but I keep mine in Caridina parameters and they’ve been breeding fairly well for me.


One thing you could do is put a divider in your tank and keep RCS on one side and another neo on the other side. I do that with my Caridina, but the only problem I could see is that because neos tend to breed faster your tank might become overpopulated quickly, but then you can maybe just sell or give away the culls. If you want to keep your RCS pure however, I would not recommend mixing them with other neos

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