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How to keep RCS in a fish bowl?

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Hi.. made a beyond rookie mistake and purchased some RCS for my fluval edge 6 gallon, but it’s not cycled yet. I was going to do watch the tank like a hawk (thanks to being home nearly 24/7 for quarantine), but my conscience has gotten the better of me. 


I have a .5 gallon fish bowl from my old tank Equiptment. How can I best keep my 3 RCS (less than 1/2 inch in size each) in this while I let my tank cycle properly? I was thinking treated tap water (using prime), a ball of java moss, Fluval Stratum substrate. Am I better off using a different water source? Do I need an air stone? Add beneficial bacteria? Feed them?  How often water change and how much? Those details will be most helpful. More detail the better, please, as I am newer to the hobby and can’t fill in the blanks like some of the others :) 




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While without shrimp, test KH and pH every few hours after water change. If fluctuations are too big, reconsider using pH lowering active substrate with tap water. I had to siphon Stratum out of my 2.3 gal tank because ghost shrimp were too stressed, and the problem was solved.

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