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30G Breeder Community?


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I'm finally getting back into aquarium keeping, woo! I got myself a 30g breeder and I'm excited to start setting it up over the next couple months.

I will post as many pictures here as I can throughout the process. My ultimate goal is to get a timelapse after it's set up and planted. I also want to have shrimp in there eventually, but I'm unsure of which and what fish I may want to put in there. I'm leaning towards caridina as my current substrate of choice is the Brightwell Rio-Escuro F, but I'm not 100% tied down to it.

So far all I have is the tank, a large piece of wood I've forgotten the name of (been out of the hobby for 3 years and I've forgotten a lot of stuff already), some random wood pieces, half a bag of Amazonia and a small ziplock of either Amazonia or Brightwell Escuro. Finding wood/rocks during the pandemic has been problematic so it will probably be a while before I can get everything set up and cycling. 

I also plan on building a custom stand for the tank with the help of some family members (they got the tools!). Should be a fun learning experience.

If anyone knows the name of the large piece of wood and how you think I should display it in the tank please let me know!








big ol stick downward from further away.jpg

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Damn that’s some nice lookin wood lol. 
Glad to have you back, any current plans on what you’ll most likely be putting into the tank once it’s finished being set up and cycled?
Thanks! One of the few things I kept before "quiting". Not 100% sure yet what I want to stock. My current thoughts are CRS or other relatively easier caridina shrimp and maybe some small fish. The tank will be more of a planted tank with fish and hopefully shrimp. If the shrimp breed that's awesome, but not the goal.

Although with that in mind, I'm in turmoil whether I want to add a slightly larger fish like an apistogramma or ram pair because I don't want anything to bother or eat baby shrimp if they do breed.

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Decided to go with Brightwell Escuro-F and Escuro-M. Got a couple 23# bags online as I don't have any LFS near me that sells it. Figured it would give a good acidic PH, but not too crazy for any fish I may add. I will still need more substrate for the depth I want, but unsure if I will go for more Brightwell or section off some areas for pebbles/sand for a different look.

I am also testing my luck with a couple pieces of spider wood online. Here's hoping they aren't duds. 

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23 minutes ago, Pokeshrimp said:

Very cool wood! I've always wanted to use a gnarly piece like that but could never find them for a decent price. Maybe one day once I convince the wife to let me setup a large tank in the house I'll be able to go all out on a nice planted show tank. 

Yeah I got lucky. Worked for a LFS for 4 years and snagged it when we got it in. I did photography for the FB page and was paid in gum... I mean aquarium supplies.

Not sure how I want to position it though. 

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Did you use the Brightwell Rio Escuro?  If so, did you check / measure / know if it caused an ammonia spike when you started using the tank?


Do you have any new pics of the build?

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