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Blue Bolt has just had her babies but confused of babies genetics

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My female just had her babies. I’ve seen some that look like crystal reds, blue bolts, black pintos, and some sort of golden pinto. I wasn’t aware that a blue Bolt could have so many babies that were completely different from each other and their mother. My tank consist of other various grades of BB and blue mosura. I did have some OEBT but they were only in the tank for a few days and I switched them out to a different tank with a higher gh.





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Here is the mother a few days after she had babies...


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What other kinds of shrimp do you keep in the tank?  What could have bred with her?

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If your tank only has blue bolts in it, I would assume they are mischlings that happen to look like blue bolts.  Pure blue bolts will not throw all those other phenotypes.

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