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Leaves, Green or Brown


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Close to end of summer here, should I collect my leaves while they're still green on the tree or should I wait until they turn brown? In the past I collected brown leaves while they were still on the tree, boiled them and then dried for the rest of the year. I've recently read that the green leaves have more nutrition. I have a safe Magnolia tree that I use one leaf per week in each tank.

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Not sure which.   I have a couple Oaks and had to trim with still green leaves /branches.  After leaving the branches to dry just kept branches loose in a trash bag.  It kept them from falling off and used and shared them as needed.


Green leaves have more sugar content, nutrients, and chlorophyll,to be stored for the winter and prepare for the next spring.  As fall comes the nutrients return to the tree to some degree and then they turn brown. 


Guava leaves are sold green and black. 


What I found you can't use as many dried green leaves, a smaller amount is better.  Mine would get a bit fuzzy once in awhile, but it would disappear after a few days.


It seems to me both dried as it would have better tannins and also a weakened cell structure which means it would break down sooner, and the green would have more food for growing.  I use both I harvest when I can.  


Be cautious as for weed and feed in yard areas, as well as any sprays / treatments / incl. oils and soaps... for fertilizing or fungus or pests!  Just to be safe.  

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